Health for India

According to data, India accounts for 20% of the global burden of disease, 27% of all neonatal deaths and 21% of all child deaths. Close to 88% of Indian women do not even have access to sanitary products and resort to primitive unhygienic means. Inaccessible healthcare becomes a hurdle in the progress of the country and its citizens.

Ongoing initiatives under Healthcare

Our initiatives under Healthcare focus on two integral parts of healthcare: prevention and awareness. Our primary goal is to make healthcare and wellness easily available, accessible, and attainable. We believe, for a country to flourish, it is important that its people are hale and hearty.

  • Healthcare Supplies Distribution

    Through this initiative we distribute healthcare essentials specially to prevent people from Covid-19. We organise physical drives where we, along with our volunteers, reach out to people who have lost their jobs or people from lower economic strata and provide them with these kits.

  • Doctor’s Sessions

    We organise several doctor’s sessions where our doctors educate people about various topics like Covid-19, safety measures and also clear queries that might come up.

Quest-Accenture-Cisco Consortium

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