How we do

Our team does intense ground research on various communities that we can support through our initiatives.

We connect with them and identify different ways in which we can offer our help and empower them.

Our Service for mankind

Our enthusiastic team of volunteers then either reaches out physically or in virtual capacity to share their skills, knowledge and time with the beneficiaries. These are some of our ongoing initiatives:


Rise of the GIGs

  • Rise of the GIGs is an initiative for Gig Economy workforce including Freelancers and work on demand workers. With the help of our highly experienced trainers, we train the participants in Personal Branding, Digital Marketing and Financial Planning to enable them to become successful in their dynamic sector, all this at no cost.

Student Corporate Interaction Programme

  • Under this initiative, we create a platform where employees from the corporate world guide and mentor students by clarifying their doubts, sharing their career journeys and preparing them for hiring processes.

LifeSkills Programme

  • This 9 day comprehensive programme educates students about presentation skills, public speaking, personal interview and more such topics which will prepare them for their corporate journeys. Mentoring, resume building, mock interviews and apptitude building are additional initiatives to further enable and build career journeys


Healthcare Supplies Distribution

  • Through this initiative we distribute healthcare essentials specially to prevent people from Covid-19. We organise physical drives where we, along with our volunteers, reach out to people who have lost their jobs or people from lower economic strata and provide them with these kits.

Doctor’s Sessions

  • We organise several doctor’s sessions where our doctors educate people about various topics like Covid-19, safety measures and also clear queries that might come up.

Covid-19 Relief

Dry Ration Distribution

  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, many people have lost their means to survive. It has become difficult for them to afford basic necessities like food and shelter. To relieve them of one of these burdens, we are providing them with Ration Kits as an interim help.