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No of Programmes

We help disadvantaged sections of our community and work on their holistic development to enable and empower them.


To mentor is to revisit the beginning of your own journey. It is an insightful relationship between two individuals with the goal of professional and personal development by means of sharing anecdotes; coaching, advising and guiding through various decisions. Mentorship is sharing knowledge gained through lived experience.


Training is the process of assisting individuals build a certain set of skills to improve capability and performance. Under our tutelage we help individuals hone their communication, presentation, and life skills. Our goal is to empower them by instilling self-acceptance, confidence, and resilience.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building refers to the process by which one builds, hones and improves their knowledge, tools and skills required to be more competent at their job. We want to be that driving force helping individuals maximise their potential who otherwise may not have access to these resources.